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The need of the consumer for ready-to-drink beverages in the busy and competitive work environment is increasing by day. Consequently, the concept of packed fruit juices has evolved. The processing involves pasteurisation of juices to ensure the desired shelf life of the beverage.

HRS Process Systems Ltd. have acquired exclusive rights by the way of license manufacturing agreement for design, manufacture, supply and service of Plate Heat Exchangers, with FUNKE Waermaustauscher GmbH! HRS Process Systems Limited is part of the HRS Group with headquarters in UK.

Most of the processors, till now, have carried out the preheating or pasteurisation of fruit pulp unhygienically using steam jacketed open kettle. Result was unhygienic process with disadvantages like non-uniform heating, charring, falling of foreign material in product, loss in flavor and aroma etc. Read More

HRS has developed the Unicus® heat exchanger for difficult and critical processes where other types of heat exchangers such as rotary scraped surface heat exchanger, shell and tube or plain type are incapable of offering an adequate solution. Unicus® is capable of generating high levels of turbulence in products of high viscosity increasing substantially the overall heat transfer coefficient. In addition it does not allow the formation of any fouling layers on the inner tube surfaces and always stays clean enabling the unit to work in the optimum condition for efficient heat transfer at all times.

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